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  • Full Name:Hany Gungoro
  • Phone:(+62)811-198-051
  • Email:hanygung@paxcis.com
  • Website:www.hevpartners.com


Hany Gungoro, CFA Hany is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with more than 25 years of experiences in corporates, ranging from Financial and Investment Projects, IT System Design and Implementation, Corporate Restructuring and Valuation, Business Development and Business Planning, Investor Relations, and Corporate Audit Projects.

She has worked with multi-industries including plantations, health clinics, food processing, distributions, car-rental, multi-finance, insurance, non-profit organizations (education and nature conservation), book design, and pharmaceutical companies. She is also a People & Organization Consultant at Paxcis Identity. She manages Executive Search, People & Organization Practices, and Career Coaching.


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Business Strategic Advisor

Strategic Finance Advisor

Corporate or personal Coach/ Trainer

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